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The Cindra Corrina Chronicles
Passage Comic Book

Mark Rude - Author and Artist

Devon the Demon Duck from Hell

A high fantasy adventure following the life of Lady Cindra as she braves monsters, magic and forbidden love, striving to find her place in a world on the brink of war. Now available online in paperback, and on Amazon Kindle.
Book 1: The Gold Cat’s Daughter
Book 2: The Gallant Riders
Book 3: The Way of the Hart

An urban fantasy/comedy series about the struggles of a demon trapped in a duck’s body by a flawed spell found on the internet, and his quest to find his way back to Hell. He is aided by Annie, the only human being who can understand all that ominous quacking thanks to another unwise online decision…

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The graphical adventures of Cindra Corrina, Passage was printed in only three issues before the story was retold in the fantasy novel format.